Sunday, July 18, 2010


When i get the chance this week sometime i am going to post some pictures and if i am game enough some video. Zachary has grown up so much i need to add some recent stuff. but even photos from his birthday (4 months ago). I have made a promise to myself to get this done.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

As of April 29th, 2010, Kishan and I have been married for FOUR years!!! Crazy ain't it!?!

Things that have changed since we got marriend in 2006:

1. We graduated from University
2. We are living in New Plymouth, New Zealand
3. We have an adorable son ( 13 months)
4. We are a two car family
5. We have both gained like 40
6. We actually have money in the bank, savings not just to pay bills

The plan tonight (as today is the 30th, yesterday we were both working):

1. Drop Zachary off at The Blanfords (THANKS HEAPS!!!)
2. Go and get some good food (probably the all you can eat Mongolian BBQ, heard it was really good!!!)
3. Go watch a movie (our first in who knows how long! Actually we havent seen a movie properly since we left Hawaii. We tried to go watch Avatar, but Zachary wasnt having any of it and so Kishan graciously left and let me watch the end. DONT TAKE BABIES TO MOVIES!)

Love you Darling! Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The happenings as of late...

This will be yet another photoless post as i have been too lazy to upload the photos to the computer. Ok well here goes:

1. We have just come back to New Plymouth after about 5 long weeks in Palmerston North. Farmers opened a brand new store in the newly expanded Plaza Mall and Kishan was part of a team that came from all over the counrty to help put the store together. It looks great, and the mall is pretty impressive now, whereas before it was more of an eye sore. It would definately hold up to some in the US and Australia, with a bunch of new stores that make shopping there so much more fun. And to top if off, they offer 2 hours free parking!!!

2. I went back and forth between New Plymouth and Palmerston North for the first couple of weeks as i still had to work. Baby stayed down there and was looked after by an amazing woman Sister Poutu during the day. It was hard to leave him, but it was easier to have him there and find someone to look after him during the day than it was for the night. I missed him terribly, but it was only 4 days at a time.

3. My brother got Married!!! It was awesome, i was a bridesmaid. Eli and Sam got married at a beautiful lodge and he even shead a tear when sam walked down the isle. She looked so beautiful. I was crying even before i walked down, lol. The reception was cool. They hired a DJ but people didnt really dance. But not to worry, Zachary made up for it by becoming the centre of attention and dancing the night away. I dont think he even had a nap that day becuase he was so excited by what was going on around him. But that kid sure can boogie!!!! Sam's relatives from South Africa asked if they could take him home with them. He is so cute.

4. If you didnt know already, Zachary is walking and has been for a wee while now. He is really good at it, and even has the nerve to run sometimes.

5. My brother and his wife and 2 boys came from Australia for the wedding. It was AWESOME to spend time with them. It was the first time they met Kishan, and they got on like a house on fire. My brother(s) and Kishan are very aloke, and enjoy many of the same things. Their eldest boy, Darcy, became the apple of Zachary's eye. Bubba just couldnt get enough of him. He misses him dearly. Their youngest, Jarvis, just likes to bully Zachary (he is 10 months older), but Zachary took it like a man. Although He has taught Zachary a few things, like CLIMBING. It was nice at first, but now it is annoying because he just wants to climb over everything! Kishan and Darcy became instant friends. Kishan is 28 and Darcy is 5. They played games all the time, they both really enjoyed each others company. Kishan bought him many presents, incluing a foam dart gun. It was awesome to be with them and we are planning a trip for next year to visit them in Australia.

6. Kishan had been called as the second(?) counsellor in the Branch Presidency and I have been called as the first counsellor on the District Young Womens Presidency. Chruch is awesome, and whereas when we first moved in there was only one other young couple (everyone else is 80+,, but there has been an influx of young couples into the branch with kids. This makes it more awesome! We have regular play dates and lunches together.

7. I am looking for a new job, one with hours where the sun is acually up!!!

8. Kishan bought me an iPod Touch for my birthday (LOVE IT!!) i wanted an iPhone, but they cost over $1000 so i settled for second best. My brother has a Wii and while we have been in Palmerston North we had been playing it alot, so when we got back to New Plymouth we bought one too! I now really want to get the Wii Fit accessories for it.

9. We are now a two car family. We bought a cheap run around for $1300 at Turners Auctions. Its just for to and from work and runaround stuff. We still have our reliable Ford Mondeo wagon!

10. I am in the market for a dryer. Winter is upon us and i need to be able to dry clothes when it has been raining for two weeks straight. So i am keeping an eye out for a good deal!

11. Zachary turned 1!!! can you believe it, i cant! We had a BBQ and dessert with my family at my parents house a couple of days before hand as we would be in new plymouth for his actual birthday. He got a bunch of cool presents from his grandparents and aunts and uncles. I made his brithday cake from SCRATCH. I will post pictures as i am very pround of my creation!

12. Bubba has been very sick lately. He is very chesty, congested and has a cough. Doctors said it was just a cold, and we just had to let it pass. He is also teething his big fat molers, and so had been running high temperatures over the last week or so. He is a very restless and grumpy child. He was a little more upbeat today, so hopefully that is a good sign and that he is beating this thing. But until he is completely over it, Pamol and nurofen are our best friends!!! We just wish he would sleep!!!

13. We are just happy to be back home and are settling back into our normal routine. If i think of anything else i will add it to the list later!

Peace Out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Honeymoon period is OVER!

I really need to get my act together NOW!!!!!!!! My baby honeymoon period is over. He is almost a year old now and so i really need to get my A into G and do something about this!!!!! Watch this space for updates!

Home Time Yet???

Can i go home yet?!? I am sitting here at work and the time is just ticking over and over...but it seems like it is in slow motion. Is it possible for it to go backwards. That's what it seems like. "Is it home time yet" i think to myself as i look at the clock for the 20th time in the last 5 minutes. Only 4 more hours to go. Wish i had the laptop here, then i could watch a movie or blocked facebook so no virtual farming or fishing tonight. Cant wait till tonight is over, then i am off for 20 days!!!!! Come on, HOME TIME!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zachary playing with his toys in his ball pit. At the end he also tells me off because i told him no biting, he is so funny.

Just being as cute as ever.

Look at that mop on the top of his head. This was before his hair cut!